Thursday, 21 May 2009

Train Instructions

Instead of running for a whole month the freebies only have to be available on your blog from the 1st to 14th of the month you participate. From the 15th you can do whatever you like with them :O)

You can make anything you like in full or tagger size but please be
sure to let your visitors know what size your item is and that it contains a minimum of 3 items.
If creating a paper pack please be sure it is for Commercial Use.

The only requirement is that you state in your description which one it is.
There is nothing more frustrating than downloading a full size freebie if you only collect tagger size and visa versa.

If you would like to hop aboard please join

Settings in the group are set so all members will receive replies.
There is a database set up so as you have your part ready please fill it in.

On the 28th I will send out the blog roll so you can have your post ready :O)

1 comment:

Andrea Kostelić said...

I would love to join your blogtrain... I sent request to join group and I already made my set... just let me know what to do next